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Note- If you are not a sophisticated user simply enter URL and press generate button below.

Enter URL

Note that & are not same.

Change frequency


Change Frequency specifies that how frequently the content of your webpage changes.

Last modification


Last modification species that when your webpage has been modified.
Server Uses this information to crawl the webpage again if it find updated timestamp.


 Value of priority varies between 0.0 to 1.0

Priority has no effect on SE ranking. If you have webpages with similar
contents then SE will pickup the link with heighest precedence in its listing.


Note- After you press generate button please wait at max 5 mins & dont click anywhere. Connection between server & you will be dissconnected till our generator generate xml sitemap.

Sitemap Generation Steps


1)Enter the website URL in textbox.
2)Set the change frequency with respect to how often you update your website. If you are confused simply
    select none.
3)Last modification is the date on which you updated your webpage. By default we use server's timestamp
    but you can assign it by your choice.
4) Priority is the weight given to URLs between your own site. It has no effect on positions in search engine.
5) Check your options again, press 'generate' button & wait till server performs calculation.
6)Finally download your xml sitemap pressing download button.