What is the link limit or maximum size limit in XML sitemap?

XML sitemap file has maximum limit of 50,000 URLs and the size limit is 10 megabytes (MB) per sitemap. Multiple sitemaps are supported by Google so If you have a large website with more than 50,000 URLs you can split the sitemap into various smaller parts which will allow Google to pick up latest pages.

How do I notify to Google if I have more than one sitemap file?

If you have a large website with more than one sitemap, the question arises, how search engine will find all sitemaps location. Solution is very simple, create a sitemap index file which will have list of URLs of sitemap and supports maximum 1000 Sitemaps. See details of how to create sitemap index file.

Why to use sitemap generator tool?

Practically it is impossible for search engine spider to find URLs of website which are not associated directly or indirectly with homepage. Manually sitemap building is very tedious and waste of time and also has a high risk of feeding wrong URLs. So sitemap Generator is a faster way to create a sitemap for your website within 5 minutes.