Upcoming Features



Removal of Broken Links

Our Google sitemap builder tool eliminates the broken links.

Free Sitemap of 500 URLs

We offer you generation of sitemap of 500 links which is very big number.

Automatic management of priority

Our algorithm assigns the priority to the page URLs by analyzing the important pages of your site. Priority setting does not affect position in a search engine.

Upcoming Features

Setting No. of links

You can set maximum number of links you want in sitemap.

Notifying the Broken Links

After generating the sitemap file you will be able to see how many broken links you have on your website.

Free XML sitemap offering more than 500 or unlimited links

We are trying to modify our algorithm to provide you generation of XML sitemap with over 500 or even unlimited URLs.

Detailed Notification of Broken Links

Our tool will specify you which links are broken.

Editing Feature for XML Sitemap

After generating the sitemap if you want to make some changes like custom priority, custom date setting(you will be able to set different dates for different links), change frequency , you will be able to do that.

XML Sitemap Index File Generator

We are planning to build another new tool for generating the XML sitemap index file.
See- See- What is XML sitemap index file?

Sitemap Editor for the files on your server

By this feature you will be able to edit the sitemap present on your server to change priority, change frequency, last modified date of the links with your own value.